WorkLite SME Promotion


Terms & Conditions

Last Updated 21 July 2022


  1. The promotion, as stipulated below, is valid until 31 August 2022.
    1. Dotcloud and Dotcloud Digital, the service providers, reserve the right to extend this promotional period at their own discretion.
  2. The promotion includes the following services and/or products:
    1. A 60-day (sixty calendar days) free trial of the WorkLite product suite, consisting of:
      1. LiteDesk
      2. LiteDrive
    2. A one-page website design at the discounted rate of R2,500.00 excluding VAT.
      1. The above-mentioned includes free domain hosting for 1 (one) calendar year.
    3. By opting in to this promotion, the client will receive a WorkLite trial free of charge. The website design (2.b) is an optional extra and is not required to make use of the free WorkLite trial.
    4. By signing up for this promotion, the client understands and agrees to a Dotcloud representative contacting them on the details provided when opting in.
      1. The client’s personal and company information will not be distributed to any third parties outside of Dotcloud and Dotcloud Digital.



  1. Once the 60-day (sixty calendar days) WorkLite trial has lapsed, the client will be issued with an invoice for the software should they wish to continue to make use of the products.
    1. This invoice will be calculated based on the products selected and number of users utilising the respective software.



The following terms are relevant to individuals making use of the website promotion in conjunction with the WorkLite product promotion.


  1. Website development will only commence when:
    1. A proof of full payment has been submitted to Dotcloud Digital’s financial department.
    2. All required information has been provided by the client.
      1. The required information must be completed and captured on the supplied content documentation that will be provided by Dotcloud Digital to the client.
    3. The website domain has either been newly registered or successfully migrated to the Dotcloud hosting environment.
  2. If the client has an existing website, the website domain must be migrated to the Dotcloud hosting environment in order for website development to commence; and to allow for 1 (one) calendar year’s free domain hosting.
    1. If the client does not have a website domain, one will be registered by Dotcloud on the client’s behalf.
    2. NB: Only standard domain extensions will be eligible for this promotion. Please contact us to enquire about your specific domain.
  3. Website development will be completed within 3 (three) to 5 (five) working days once the above-mentioned criteria have been received and finalised.
    1. If there will be any expected delays on the above-mentioned turnaround time for any reason whatsoever, the delay will be communicated to the client timeously.
  4. After website completion, the client is entitled to 3 (three) rounds of minor cosmetic iterations to their content.
    1. Any additional changes will incur additional charges that will be quoted on by Dotcloud Digital at their promotional hourly rate.
  5. Any required design or development beyond the scope of a website design of 1 (one) page, may be requested and will be quoted for by Dotcloud Digital.
    1. Should the client require additional website pages, custom online integrations, logo or corporate identity design, copywriting et cetera, a quote must be requested from Dotcloud Digital.
    2. Additional maintenance to the website after completion and client approval will also require additional quotations charged at an hourly rate.